Camelbak Official Store, Max Grip™ NT Gloves, sage green, Hidden, MX04/MX06
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Max Grip™ NT Gloves

Flame retardant, anti-static fibers for safety around fuels, explosives and electronics.

Max Grip NT is like two gloves in one -- strong enough for ground troops, enough dexterity for aviation. It takes a tough company to make a tender glove.

Flame Retardant Series: superior comfort and protection

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  • Camelbak Official Store, Max Grip™ NT Gloves, sage green, Hidden, MX04/MX06
  • Camelbak Official Store, Max Grip™ NT Gloves, sage green, Hidden, MX04/MX06

2-Year Warranty

Army Approved for Aviation and Combat Vehicle Crewmen (CVC)
NAVAIR Approved for all USN and USMC Aviation
Air Force Approved for all Aviation
CTA 50-900 Certified
Team Soldier Certified for US Army Combat-Approved Product List*

Application: Pilots and crew chiefs, tanks, gunnery, special operations, SWAT, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Search and Rescue (SAR).

Mil-Spec N303 Nomex® fiber blend: 92% Nomex® (flame-retardant material), 5% Kevlar® (cut resistance) and 3% P140 anti-static fiber (to provide safety around fuels, explosives and electronics)FlexCut™ index finger design provides maximum dexterity and flexibility without material build-up in trigger

Nomex® Simplex knit construction -- a very tight knit structure offering excellent protection from flame, snags, runs and cuts

Digitally textured leather palm, fingers and knuckles provide durability and a good grip in all conditions of use

Perspiration / moisture resistance: tanning technology keeps leather soft and supple for the life of the glove even after repeated exposure to perspiration or moisture

Abrasion resistance: Leather is treated to provide increased durability

Concealed interior seam stitching using para-aramid thread enhances durability especially around vulnerable fingertips

Over-water egress or SAR applications: gloves will not lose grip or fit when wet or submersed in water and will stay soft even with repeated exposure to salt water

Reinforcements ergonomically placed in palm, thumb and fingers for handling ropes and cables

Outlasts FRP2 Flyer's Glove by 4-6 times in military applications (user comment)

Combat-proven by Special Forces and Special Operations

Nomex® and Kevlar® are registered trademarks of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company.

Additional Glove Features: Seamless Palm, Concealed interior seam stitching using para-aramid thread

*This statement does not imply an endorsement by any DOD agency. Military personnel are always encouraged to validate official approvals for use with their respective agencies. Contact CamelBak Products, LLC for information.

Glove Sizing Chart

  • Sizes: Available short, without sleeve upon special order. Sage Green/Desert Tan (SKU; NSN 8415-01-536-20XX) S: MX06-08/MX04-08; 34/65 M: MX06-09/MX04-09; 35/68 L: MX06-10/MX04-10; 37/70 XL: MX06-11/MX04-11; 51/71 XXL: MX06-12/MX04-12; 61/72