Camelbak Official Store, Big Bite™ Valve 3 Color Pack, Accessory Types : Bite Valves, 90816
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Big Bite™ Valve 3 Color Pack

100% free of BPA and BPS.

The best bite valve on the market in three fun colors

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    3 Color Pack
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  • Camelbak Official Store, Big Bite™ Valve 3 Color Pack, Accessory Types : Bite Valves, 90816

Self-seals after each drink to eliminate annoying drips

Patented one-piece silicone design – no moving parts to break

CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee.

  • Materials: Medical-grade Silicone

The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean and dry it after every use, especially if you fill the reservoir with anything other than water. However, theoretically, if someone didn’t clean it after every single use, and mold or discoloration happens to develop…

Use hot water and a CamelBak Cleaning Tablet. (Or Use 2 tablespoons of baking soda or bleach instead of CamelBak Cleaning Tab.) Mix the solution inside your reservoir and hold it up above your head while you pinch the bite valve, allowing the bleached water to run through the tube.

Let the reservoir and cleaning solution sit for about 30 minutes.

Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse away any bleach or cleaning solution before using again. You can also use CamelBak brushes from our Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and tube. Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean.

Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry the reservoir so no moisture is trapped inside, which can cause mold to grow. Allow to air dry overnight if possible.

These steps will make your reservoir safe for use. If you have spots left from the mold, they will never come all the way out because the reservoir is permanently stained, but still safe and usable.